Creepy house in Oakland

In summer 2007, I went to Oakland, California for a fun vacation with my older sister. I stayed at her friend’s house in Oakland while friend’s family was on vacation. At first, I didn’t sense any threat from that house, but once I went into the house. I immediately sensed creepy in hall and second floor Next morning, I decided to bath on the first/main floor. I felt something really annoying me was the oil paint picture, which was a little girl with sad face. I felt like she stared at me in my back. I stayed there for few minutes. Then, I decided to take other bath in basement and I felt better. Few nights later, my sister told me to close the kitchen in order to prevent the house cats going out of the kitchen. So, I went up and closed the door. Still, I felt like someone looking at me. Short after I closed it, I went down quickly and I still didn’t tell her what bothers me upstairs. I thought I saw a ghost face on kitchen door, but I still can’t remember it clearly. Dues to my bad memory system. However, my sister left for her summer job and her other friend also stay with us, was left to somewhere. I was alone in the house during daytime. I was playing with the house cats. For some moments, I didn’t feel any danger in kitchen, but I was able to sense it from the hall. I was in fear and panic, then I looked one of the cats keeping company me, but they wander aimlessly. I might saw a child standing in the hall, but still not clear completely. I thought I only saw some lines around it. I changed my mind and went downstairs. I stayed there and ignored it as I watched some TV shows. I was only stay at that house for about one and half week. My sister and I moved to Berkeley right after her other friend returned to her home in Los Angeles. In Berkeley, I felt much better than Oakland!


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