Dream of Jesse McCartney

Last night, I dreamed about Jesse McCartney. I only wish to have him as my sweet boyfriend. In my dream, I meet him through friends. My deaf and Hard of Hearing friends and I come with Jesse with his hearing friends at a hotel. All of us decide to have a large suite. At night, most of them are sleeping and snoring. Even moving around over me and Jesse. Jesse and I can’t sleep because of them. I decide to move to Jesse’s side, yet our friends still bother us. So, I decide to sleep on a hammock on the balcony. Jesse tries to sleep on a beach fold chair, but he can’t. When I see him uncomfortable in that chair, I ask him if he can sleep with me in the same hammock. We sleep together until morning. We wake up and notice our friends watching us sleeping from inside of the suite. Jesse and I smirked lightly. On other day, all of our friends and I go out for our lunch. Most of the restaurants are full of people. I look around the restaurants street and I finally find a restaurant which has less people. It is a dim sum restaurant. I walk toward to that place. Jesse follows me and becomes curious of that. I told him the dim sum has seafood. Our friends pick their individual restaurants on their own. I walk into into the dim sum first then Jesse follows me from my back. After we eat at the dim sum restaurant, I talk with Jesse as we walk. That is how Jesse starts liking me because he likes that way I am.


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