Wonder Daydreamer

Hi, readers.

How are you? I’m good. I’m in Santa Ana College library right now. I feel like I don’t want to do math homework now. I always hate doing homework. It sometimes gives me a headache. I am waiting for next class at 3:15 pm. I still wonder if the right man will find me soon. I wait patiently for my true love. I always dream of Jesse McCartney and I wish he is my current boyfriend. If it is actual, then Jesse is my first real boyfriend. I have been single for whole of my life… 20 1/2 years! Can you believe me?! How idiot of me! Lol… well, I am still waiting for him… really. I still really want to become an independent lady by now! I am tired of the family and I have to move and move! Ehhh… I am still loner…. I wait for my good friends’ return home from their college in New York. I cannot wait for my school’s semester gonna be over in the first week of June!!!! I wish I can make my business already! Oh, right. I still wait for someone to join my deaf media project. I do still want to open the access for the deaf world. Oh, well. I’m truly daydreamer. …dreaming…


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