Barely Accident

Yesterday, I was driving to my deaf church in half way. While driving on freeway 57 in North, I speeded up at about 70 MPH and I saw a black car stopped there. I had to stop right away as I stepped on the break down firmly. My car finally stopped and I was barely going into an accident to that car! My car stopped at less than half inch away from that black car!!! Can you believe me?! I seriously stopped there! That’s so close call! I never experience a car accident! The reason that car stopped there is the folded mattress was on the ground of the freeway where I was in first lane of right side. Since I was in that situation, I was so grateful to have God watching over me every I pray for my own safety before I start driving. I always believe in Jesus and God no matter what. I know God is surely watching over me. Wow! Yeah, I can’t believe myself that I did stop my car with all of my mighty! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!


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