Crazy Day

Today, I went to my old high school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing last assembly with my two friends. After we visited there, we went to In-N-Out for lunch. After that, I turned my car on, but it didn’t start. I opened the hood and fixed the battery box. Then, I closed the hood. As we left to the street, I speeded to about 50 MPH on Jamboree Street. Then, suddenly, the hood flied over the roof of the car and destroyed the glass moon roof completely.  I stopped on the shoulder of the street. My other friend stopped too. One of my friends was with me in my car. Few moments later, there was a man helped us and explained us what we should do with that hood. Everything was finished, we went home on street only. It was crazy day ever I have! It scared me! The reason it happened today was I didn’t close the hood completely. Yet…. I still thank God for protecting me from other accident. It is really my fault for not closed it completely. I learned my lesson that I must close firmly once I open the hood.


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