Past Prom

I had been attending to the prom twice in 2005 and 2007. I was planned to have a date with a guy, but I didn’t. I realized no one wanted to pick me as their date. I wonder why. Were they dislike me? I just want to have a good memory at prom. I never had a wonderful memory of two proms. I was lone as always as home. In 2007, I originally planned to date with my good friend, Alex N., but Alex’s cousin begged him to take her to the prom that she never had it before. In end, his cousin was screwed up that she was just sitting in quiet and she should not go with Alex! I should say no his request. Unlucky, I didn’t. I never had good memory in high school. I didn’t really enjoy my high school life…. at all. Oh, well. That is how this way my life is.


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