Dear Pen Pal

Dear Pen Pal,

I am lonely at home and I want to share my feelings and thoughts with a pen pal. I want someone listening to me patiently. I think I am unable to tell my thoughts to my good closer friend. I know that I am always complaining to myself. I feel like I don’t have a life in myself. I hate when someone have to preach me. It annoys me a lot. I never chat with my family…. for real. They are all strangers to me. Sometime I feel like they left me out of the family. I know I am never good daughter, sister, and even aunt. Ever I was born in this world, I am always lonely and no one wants to understand me. This is how my family raised me. I still have communicate barrier with hearing members today. I’m only one deaf member. I wish I could have other deaf member, so I can chat and play with. Although I accept the hearing world where I am living, I never accept my own life the way it is. I am trying to find my own happiness. My dream is still a business that I want to establish someday. I want to success my life and make it better than it is now, but I almost don’t. I always try my best with all my efforts. Maybe I am a coward that I don’t want to confront a challenge by myself. I just want to find a easy way. I dare not, but I will try gathering my courage and confront the challenge. I know I can’t promise myself if I am success or not. Do you know why I say that? My life is already written by God. It is called fate or destiny. These things that we can’t avoid them. We are all stuck to them in rest of our life, but I believe few of you could change your own destiny…. only little. This is why we have world’s giant challenge that we never win against it. Hmm…. what is a reason I am exist this world? What is point my life for?


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