Dream of Sex!!!

Strange…. Lately, I have dream about sexing with someone that I desire. Just now, I dreamt about Tony Stark, the Iron Man, have sex with me! What hell is that?! Yes, I wanna to sex whoever because I want to read yaoi, or man sex man as I have no Internet at my new home for almost one month! Plus, I always want trying to have the sex, but I can manage it well as long as I resist.  I can’t live without Internet! Anyway, I dreamt about that since few nights ago. I am purely clean girl and never have a sex. I’m soooooooo virgin! Of course, you know that Tony Stark is famous for having sex with many women whom he is playing fool with. Oh, well. How weird I am! Lol. One day, I will break my own virgin if only someone who I love the most. I will not playing fool like Tony Stark! Have a safe sex!


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