New Home

I just have a new home and  I don’t like it. It is a townhouse that has three bedrooms and two and half bathrooms. I originally pick the big bedroom that have a bay window, but my older brother sort of forces me to move to good, but small bedroom. Because my stupid oldest brother needs that room in order to sleep well and ready for job. I always want to have a bay window in my bedroom, but it fails. He screws up! I am in disappointed with that. Since I clean and unpack stuffs to spots, I manage it to spacious area. My room is difficult to arrange the things what I imagine. There are no cable and Internet now. All I am do is to play the Mario Kart on Wii and nap. I don’t get along with family well. I swear myself that I will never along with them. These people are just like strangers to me. I don’t know them anymore. I will get a home by myself when I earn enough money to rent a place one day.

I am still waiting for my love comes to me. I am still hope that I will get a good life this year and all ahead of the years. I have been lonely all of my life. I wish I can have someone that I can talk with my feelings.


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