Failed Birthday Party

This day, December 25, is my birthday. Unfortunately, two of my friends had their plans, so they had to cancelled to attend to my birthday party. I was really disappointed and sad…. I always want this birthday to be special because I turned 21. Even I want my friends see me drinking a beer or wine. Instead of my friend, I celebrated with my family only, but it was actually unpleased with entire hearing people. To me, no deaf people here with me is absolutely silence. I really want to talk with them, so they can keep company with me. Sometime, I wish my birthday should be on January 12 because the doctor said I supposed to born on that day. Although I like my birthday on Christmas, it is still difficult to celebrate on a holiday like that. I always have the celebration with family only, but I want my friends involve my actual birthday, too. I still want to have a very special birthday that I never have in my lifetime. I also dislike my birthday to be postpone or early. I do wish my friends can be there for my Christmas birthday. Yeah, I do feel disappointment with my birthday date. Next time, my birthday will be better….


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