Mom’s remaining Live

This evening, Mom told me she is still  suffering from the liver and kidney. Her health insurance stopped little while ago. I assume her doctor had told her that she will live in a year remain. I saw her tear coming out of her eyes. I know she is scared of the death like her own parents (my grandparents). As she told me, I remain silent. Yet, inside of me is sad. Although I have hard time with my mom in the communication barrier, she is still my mother no matter what. I am still happy a little bit because I will get my SSI back in my hands. Same go for Dad because I’m tired of him being unemployed and smoker. Plus he is over 60 years old already. I know Dad will live less than 10 years left. When my parents are gone, I will start living independently. If they die before I get married and start my family, I know my children will not see their grandparents…. because my kids gonna miss their chances to meet them. Like me, I missed my chance to meet my dad’s parents and mom’s father even though I already met them when I was still little girl like 1 or 2 years old. I will always remember my own parents. I think Mom will go to die first. I still pray for her health in order to live little longer.


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