Mysterious Boyfriend

I always wonder who will gonna be my boyfriend. When will I have him? Soon or later? I would like to date a white or an European man. I don’t wanna to date a Vietnamese because it is too traditional for my family. I just want to have an unique style. I guess. LOL. Of course, I want to date most handsome and gentle man who will give me his respect as long as I give him my respect. I bet myself that if I bring my white or European to my parents, and I’m sure my damn old hag would not like him. I don’t care about her stupid pick. That will be my decision/choice. Of course, I will protest against her if she doesn’t like him. I still don’t tell my family that I will leave them once I have a new independent life, and I will never see them ever again. I already tired of them, but I must wait patiently when the time is right to come. Oh, well. Anyway, I am still looking forward for my new boyfriend! Think positively! =-) Wish me a good luck as well!



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