Useless Mother!!!!

I always have so many problems with my USELESS mother! She is always FAILED at communicating with me! I’m DAMN DEAF! She also fails at English that Mom lives in California for more than ten years! What the hell she is thinking?! What a waste her time for living here! I don’t give the hell crap about her! I always wish that she isn’t my mom! I always want to have a better mother. Every time I try to talk to her with my gestures or home signs, she still doesn’t understand me! She always gives me the DAMN HARD TIME! Of course, Mother has no motivation to learn English or American Sign Language (ASL)! NOTHING!!!! OH, MY GOSH! I will plan to leave the family and never see them again! EVER!!!!!! Period! She is so USELESS and GROSS!!! Plus, she is the hoarder! So unbelievable! I really can’t stand her any longer!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! For years, I am always frustrated with her! Expect… she only supports me very little! What the cheapskate she is! I also really wish that Mom should have abandoned me to an orphanage once she finds out I am deaf! I don’t wanna to live with stupid parents anymore! Whatever I say, she thinks I’m funny! HELL, NO! I’m not funny, I”m SERIOUS! My god! I don’t mind that she would go back to Vietnam, and she could live there until she dies! SO DIE!!!!!! … wish Mom doesn’t come in my life…


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