Hello… Again…!

Hello, everyone!

Wow! It has been very long time since I had posted last time! Hmm… what can I say?

I moved back to oldest sister’s home because I want to stay away from the parents! Since I start living here, I feel better and comfortable. I like to play with Kobe the dog. I often feed him the food and water, and I sometime take him for a walk. Kobe is so cute and stubborn! I love him so much!

I will come back to my college for the last three courses, then I can graduate from there. Oh, man! I plan to find a job after I finish my education.

I really can’t wait for leaving the family, and I can start my own life!

I still miss my cat, Mimi that was died on January 2010. I plan to get a new cat for myself when I live in an apartment.

Hmm… Looks like I have no more to say. Ha! Maybe I will make other post later. See ya!


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