World Youth Day 2008 and 2011

I went to Sydney, Australia for the World Youth Day 2008 for the first time. I didn’t expect that it was so cold! It’s because I am suck at geography!

Most recent I went to Madrid, Spain in August 2011. Before that, I went to Boston, MA to meet other group for warming up to know each others. I stayed at Hilton Bay for few days. It was my first time to be there in Boston!

Then on the day, my group and I finally left for Madrid at Logan International Airport at afternoon. I saw many other groups from various parishes. I was standing in a long line, and waiting for some hours!

My airplane traveled to Spain for about six to seven hours. I even sat in my seat for many hours! Ugh! Anyway, I finally arrived in there in… morning. Yes! An early morning! My journey in Spain had begun!

On Sunday after the Morning Mass with Pope Benedict XVI, all of the groups from Boston went to a fine restaurant with the travel agency agents. I enjoyed eating the dinner at the table.

That’s it! Next host will be in Rio, Brazil in July 2013! Which means it will be very cold… possible! I may look forward for it again.


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