I am depressed sometime when whoever in family dislikes me and who I am. I wonder myself why they keep me in their life. What is the point for me to continue living with them? I always have the communication barriers with them that they never can understand me. Sometime I just wish I can never exist at first place. I just want someone loves me preciously as I love him back.


One thought on “Depression…

  1. God still give you another breath today because He have a plan for you 🙂 And you know what, THERE ALREADY IS someone who loves you preciously and unconditionally, even you forgot or ignore him, He still loves and cares for you, He is my and your beloved father in heaven, Jesus 🙂 now i felt that my mother can not understand my needs and our communication started to fade, but now i just remember how Jesus really loves me unconditionally and how i have to love one another, especially my parents because Jesus loves me first 🙂


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