My No-Date Prom

I went to the prom twice in 2005 and 2007. I went to my high school for five years due to the CAHSEE. However, I want to tell you about my prom I went.

In 2005, I didn’t have somebody for my “date”, so I ended up to be a single attendant. I had a good time with my good friends. I wore a hot pink halter dress. I believed it costed me about $40. Here is my picture in ’05.

prom pic

I almost had a date who was my childhood friend from my elementary school, but his cousin begged him to take her to the prom because she never had attended to her prom before. I let him go, which I regretted. =-( I ended up to be a single again. I wore a red glitter halter dress, which costed me about $30 or so.


That’s right. I never had an expensive gown that I always want. No one in my family would will to pay it for me. I had to paid both of the dresses with my own money. However, I had a great time, anyways. Nothing is unique moment in my memory. Just a great time.


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