Animal Eyeglass Holder

I have been looking for this thing for some years, and I finally find it today! The animal eyeglass holder! When I saw it for the first time long ago, I thought it was cute to have it. But, I didn’t buy it yet at first. Until today, I decide to buy that now rather than missing it and waiting until other year. I don’t want that. The reason I buy this is I accidentally bent my two different eyeglass by sitting on it in my chair twice. Oops! I barely can use it, but I don’t feel right because of the balance. I also am sick of not remembering where I put before. I have the black desk, which so does the rim of my eyeglass. This costs me $3.99 at Ross! I don’t want to pay for $10 or whatever!

Picture 95

Picture 96

Cute, right? There should have other animal shapes for the eyeglass holders.


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