Mini Shopping Haul – Walgreens and Michaels

I go to Michaels and buy Christmas-themed stamps and blank cards with envelopes. I plan to make the cards to my pen pals.

Plus, I also buy an item for myself and pen pals whom I want to share some stickers.


Now, I go to Walgreens and buy some makeup items! I actually buy limited edition Fergie’s Jet-Set Makeup Palette for myself. I am not going to wait for somebody giving me a present for my birthday or Christmas! I really hate to miss any limited edition item!

I feel in temptation to buy that! I buy a eyeshadow palette as well!

CAM00026Limited edition glitter eyeshadow palette in Still or Sparkling Water? Nice color, right? I have one or two blue dresses in my closet.

Well, that’s all! I am so hooked on shopping very much! I really can’t help that since I’m the woman! Heh!

Ahh! I forget to add the video I made today! Sorry!


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