Incoming Mails 12/23/13 Plus Presents!

Today, I get two mails from two pen pals, Ashley and Iris! I love both girls! They are so wonderful!

Picture 104 coveredFrom Ashley Brown!

Picture 106Ashley gives me a little red notebook. It has a silver bike with a bird on it. Inside has the lined sheets.

Picture 105She gives me a sticker as well. Of course, I read the card and letter.

Picture 103 coveredUh-oh… something is big Iris sends me!

Picture 108Ta-da! A handmade hat by Iris! I think it is a bear. Is that cute? Hehe!

Picture 109I try on the hat on my head. I think it looks cute on me! What do you think? How is Iris’ handmade hat? She can do this that I cannot. How embarrassed of me! Hehe…!

So far I am happy with the letters and presents! Oh! I should not have opened the presents until Christmas! Oh, well. My birthday is happened to be on Christmas! -_- I will be 25 years old. Oh, geez!


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