Incoming 1-11-2014 and Outgoing 1-13-2014

Finally, I get the mail from a pen pal from France! I have been waiting for mails for about two weeks! Jeez! She sent me a belated Christmas card with her pretty decorations!

Christmas card

Christmas card

Emilie put a fun on the card that was cheered me up! I like the stickers she put on, and even the holiday color in writing!

Since she sent me the mail, I am going to send her the reply. Here is the envelope I will be sending to her.

CYMERA_20140111_224327Anyone is familiar with the famous Korean character, Lovely White? She was on the market for only last few years. I was truly sad when she was disappeared. 😦 I loved her beauty and cloth styles. I remember I received the first products of her when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My older brother bought two items for me. I just didn’t know why he decided to buy them. This letter set that I was able to find at anime/manga-related store in my local! Thanks, God! I am really happy to see here again! Lovely White brings me a wonder memory! I don’t think I will able to find other products of Lovely White next time. She is basically a vintage now.



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