New Shoes!

Today, I decide to buy some shoes at Kohl’s, and I am able to find my size! My shoe size is 5, which is generally hard to find at every store! Pfft! I normally hate mine, but I have to accept the fact, anyways. Okay! Here is the picture I just take!


Two black heel shoes, two flats in same style, but different colors. They were on sale, by the way!

I normally don’t buy a shoe because of money they have, but now… I am able to buy them from money I earn at work! Heh! Maybe next few months or more, I may buy some new shoes. Even clothes as well!

Due to my shoe size, Kohl’s and Payless are available to have them. There are some brand names such as Soda, Delicious, and few more actually have size 5 as well depending on which store really has. Since I’m an Asian, I suppose that Asian women have small feet like mine… I guess. Beside me, my favorite aunt and and younger cousin have about the same size as me. Oh, well. I just can’t help on the fact about my feet. -_-


3 thoughts on “New Shoes!

  1. Size 5!!

    Gorgeous shoes by the way!

    I have size 12 feet lol Varies depending on the brand of show, but I generally cannot get anything smaller than an 11 on my feet!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Miss Lou


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