Why Do I Keep Losing Pen Pals?

Today, I get another letter from Belgium. She wants to stop writing a letter to me just because I usually write short letters. I feel sad about it. I don’t have many events going on in my recent life. All I do is work in order to make my future comes true like live independently in a place, get a pet, and all the stuffs like that I always want. I probably am focus on my work to make money. Anyways, I don’t mind to write a short or long letter even pen pal writes like that to me, either. I think I am a boring pen pal… do you think, too? However, I am happy to have a long-term pen pal from US that she doesn’t mind how long letter I write. I have lost other pen pals previously probably because of my writing habit. I don’t care about it, and I could have new pen pals who don’t mind about me. I have many things that I don’t mind to swap with girls. I hope to have a long-term pen pal like her in near future.


6 thoughts on “Why Do I Keep Losing Pen Pals?

  1. Cheer up, Dragon Girl! There are lots of wonderful people who would love to receive your letters 🙂 I say, keep writing and sending (if it makes you happy) to people who appreciate it!


  2. I hate it when pen pals tell me how long my letters should be. Sometimes letters are long (if you have a lot to say) and sometimes they are short. If your pen pals cant accept this then you are better off without them. I lost 2 a while ago. One girl because she wanted someone who writes 4 or more pages of A4. The other because I didn’t tell her my secrets (we only wrote 3 letters to each other).


    • Thank you for your words. I feel better now. I was sad little bit yesterday. Yes, I should go without her. Writing a long letter is probably hard to do for me. Even I don’t have many events in my recent life.


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