Someone Pissed Me Off!

This morning, I get an email from a stupid ass girl via She really turns me off!!! Here is the email message what she said to me.

hello, i saw your email on lettersets, just wanted to say that fuck off and kill yourself, no one is interested in being pen pals with you. I hope your life ends this year, fuck you and get diagnosed with cancer and pass away, LEAVE THIS WORLD YOU FUCKING LOSER!!!!

Now, I reply to her like:

Pfft! No, you should be the one to die. That’s not nice to insult someone like me. As I warn in the post, if you can’t take a short letter, DON’T CONTACT ME! I even wonder how old you are. I refuse to die like the person I know did. I am living for my wonderful pen pals, great friends, and everyone I love. It is TIME FOR YOU TO GROW UP AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE. I don’t like people who turns me off like you. You should keep all the negatives in the back of your head unless someone turns you off. Bottom line is… YOU ARE ACTUALLY A LOSER because you don’t know how to be nice. Whoever you don’t like, just DON’T BE BOTHER as long as you avoid them. Well, I currently don’t have a cancer… too bad! I hope you have a nice day… and be nice to people next time. 🙂

How am I do…? Do you think she will shut up? Do you ever get that kind of email like this? Please let know. It is so unbelievable that she emailed me like that! I even wonder if she was actually a bully in her school. I was the bullying victim in my school days. Yea, it hurted me a lot, but it didn’t take me very long. Just short time. I often avoided the bullies as long as I was with my good friends. If next time she replies me back, I will ignore her email, anyways. STAY STRONG!!!!!! 🙂


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