Reality of the Pen Pal World

For two and half years I have been into the pen pal world, yet I did lost pen pals just over my boring short letters. I just realize what they want me to do these… and so do for everyone. For every new pen pals who intend to make a new pal through it, you need know what they expect you to do that.

Pen pals want you to do:

  • writing long and fun letters (few pages in regular-sized papers; more than few pages in small papers)
  • be fun yourself
  • swapping something
  • telling them about yourself and your daily life (as if they know you)

They will stop writing letters if you:

  • send short or boring letters
  • not exchange anything
  • not say anything about what’s going on with you

I know some of you don’t want to share your secrets with them. It will be hard to make a new pen pal if you have yours. Every time you introduce yourself in a first letter, you end up stopping to get next letters after few mails from them once they think you are bored or you don’t have a common with them. Introducing yourself may be easy for you, but after that, it will be hard to talk about something else beside that. Well, that’s all I know. You need to think twice before you can start it. It is just like school in the real world. For example, you lose friends when they make new friends in school. Right? I wish you a good luck!


3 thoughts on “Reality of the Pen Pal World

  1. That is very true. I had a pen pal who never really wrote me back after i sent a really cool package. Its really sad that there aren’t many people to have a real pen pal relationship.


    • I love to make a new pen pal, but it is hard just like in school. Sorry about yours as does mine. *sigh* I finally get this comment count for a little while! Heh! Thank you for your comment! I wonder if nowadays penpalship is fading… compare to the old time, I guess. Hope… not. <:o(


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