Decorative Tapes on Envelopes

This day is so boring and hot, so I decide to play with something a little bit. I use the decorative tapes that I bought at Daiso in past on an envelope.
DSC03322 DSC03323

I have a little difficult to peel off the sheet from tape with my fingernails, however; I have an idea to use a paper piercer to help me peeling better. I still mess up a little bit because I accidentally tire it in tiny. Still… The decorative tapes look so cute on envelopes! I am sick of that plain and boring envelope already!DSC03324

Clover and LadybugDSC03325

Flower and LeafDSC03326

Village in ForestDSC03327You can decorate yours on an envelope, too! It is fun to do this! Nice and simple looking! I can use them to send a letter to my pen pals!


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