Sad Birthday

I stopped having a birthday party at 20… because I didn’t know how to host a fun party. I never have been a party girl at all! On one event, I remember that I wanted to have a nice birthday lunch with my friends at a Japanese buffet in my local. So, I sent the invitation via Facebook to my selected friends. It was settled on my actual birthday, December 25. When my birthday was coming closer, I  checked on my FB event, and no one had replied… not one person. I thought few of my friends would come eventually on my birthday day. I decided to wait for that day. Finally, my special day had arrived, and I showed up at the buffet before 11 in morning that the restaurant was opened at that hour. I waited for my friends to appear up that I hoped for. Know what happened? None of them actually showed up. I was sad, of course. I decided to give them some more time like 30 to 60 minutes. Still not showed up. Then, I gave up and went home. I was unhappy and lonely all the day. I don’t like to postpone or put back between my birthday. I want to have a birthday party on my real birthday day! Postponing or putting back the birthday, I feel like my birthday isn’t arriving yet or I miss mine in passing. Nah! Sure, I am fully aware that having a birthday on a holiday is hardest to host. I hate mine, sometimes.


My Express Thought

Hi, bloggers! I apology for not posting my blog for a long time! Anyways, my birthday is coming soon this Christmas and… I still don’t have a boyfriend! My last older sister finally married last month, which I am happy for her. I am going forward to my 30s in next three years! 😦 What am I going to do with my current situation!? I don’t want to go to a dating site because a man could a scammer. That’s why I am afraid of that. I want to meet my fate man as soon as possible, but I don’t know where to start! Maybe I should wait a little longer. I’ll see what happen by next year. Wish me a good luck!