My Express Thought

Hi, bloggers! I apology for not posting my blog for a long time! Anyways, my birthday is coming soon this Christmas and… I still don’t have a boyfriend! My last older sister finally married last month, which I am happy for her. I am going forward to my 30s in next three years! 😦 What am I going to do with my current situation!? I don’t want to go to a dating site because a man could a scammer. That’s why I am afraid of that. I want to meet my fate man as soon as possible, but I don’t know where to start! Maybe I should wait a little longer. I’ll see what happen by next year. Wish me a good luck!


My Customized DIY Planner

I have started my own planner according to my style I want. I use a standard half size binder and these sheets from online. I have been thinking about buying one from some online stores. Of course, they are kinda of expensive that I cannot afford. Since I just make mine, it is only starting for me.

What you need for your planner to start:

  • your preferred size binder
  • dividers
  • handmade bookmark
  • handmade, computerized, or from online sheets

DSC03393 DSC03394 DSC03395 DSC03396 DSC03397

I am still in the process to complete my own planner. I might will buy some planner stamps. I want it look so cute! I hope I can finish it well.

Gift Card Wreath

I try my best to create something original of mine. I make a gift card wreath. Hope it doesn’t happen to someone else with same things. To be honest with you, I’m not very good at creating stuffs. I just don’t know how! I decide to give my family gift cards because I don’t know what to give them these specific items. The four siblings have their own families, so I give them the Disney gift cards. Other two unmarried siblings will get H & M store gift card and Starbucks gift card. To my parents, they gonna Walgreens gift cards. I spent $150 on these cards! Oh, my! Even though I make this thing, I am still an amateur in craft. I hope you can be soft on me, may I ask you what you think of my craft? 🙂

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Almost full week of receiving mails from pen pals!

This week I have been getting mails from my pen pals with their letters and Christmas cards for five days! I am so happy to read and reply theirs. Now, I have ran out of stamps! Wow! It never happens to me before! Cool! I wish that way could happen everyday! I get some stuffs in swapping. I wrote many replies soon after I arrived home from work at night. I ended up going to bed so late like 12 am to 2 am. Heh! Does this happen to you as well? Tell me! I would love to hear your story.